Produced by

Darsh Thakker

Written by

Joshua Boshell

Directed by

Joshua Boshell


6 Minutes


Bruno Guedelha
Daniella Gilbert

Coming Soon

Trust is not a one way street.

A guy meets with his ex to find out what her true intentions are about the suggestive texts she sent the night before.

On a dreary autumn day in a midwestern neighborhood, Chris meets with his ex-girlfriend Jenny in the driveway of his house. Originally planning on going out to get food and drinks together, they get in Jenny’s car, but Chris stops her and confronts her about a series of texts she sent the night before. When it becomes clear that she wants to get back together with him, Chris’ ensuing emotions explode as he dumps all of his frustrations and heartache onto her.

They eventually start to reminisce about one of their first dates and the happy memories it still brings to them both. For a moment, Chris is almost convinced that they could make something work together.