Produced by

Darsh Thakker

Written by

Nicholas V Andros

Directed by

Nicholas V Andros


12 Minutes


Joshua Bruce
Sarah McDonald
Ashley Ayers
Thomas Ochocinski
Sam McCarty

A couple takes a chance on an odd but beautiful restaurant, only to learn that looks can be deceiving.

A modern day adaptation of the Lotus-Eaters story from Greek Mythology about how in our society, many people are forced and told to live in a certain way. As soon as anyone attempts to change or live in a different way of life, they are cast out.

Sherman & Jill enter the beautiful restaurant, Trattoria, before going to a play. At the moment they are greeted things are… off. A winter night, full house, and not one jacket in the coat room? Once at the table, they see the menus are blank. The food comes to their table without them ordering and again looks off. Sherman takes a chance but Jill is hesitant. Sherman doesn’t know it but he just surrendered his life to the restaurant. Can Jill escape?