Produced by

Darsh Thakker

Written by

Joshua Boshell
Taylor Pike

Directed by

Joshua Boshell


14 Minutes


Andre Alvarez
Steve Carr



After a college jock sees two mysterious orbs of light in the sky, he meets up with an estranged friend to confirm if what he saw was extra-terrestrial.

Something, Somewhere, at its core, is a nostalgic story about the fragility of friendship and how an impossible situation can affect it. This reminds us that friendship is often too important to let it just fade away.

The film takes place in the 1980’s following two estranged best friends, Brett and Marvin, who encounter strange alien activity. They grew up together with a common interest in science fiction, conspiracy theories, and, above all, extraterrestrial activity. As they approached college, their paths diverged. Brett took the route of a popular college jock, abandoning his friend, and Marvin continued on his lonesome as an avid and outspoken lover of all things science fiction. Although Brett is now a popular college student, he still has this passion for the unknown that he keeps to himself. As Brett notices strange orbs in the sky, the only person he knows would understand is Marvin. He needs to atone with Marvin, so they can discuss the outstanding possibility of the existence of aliens. When he tries to talk to Marvin, something about him seems unexplainably different.

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