True Karma Pictures is a production company that empowers diverse artists to experiment. Representation and inclusivity are crucial for the evolution of storytelling, and we aim to provide a platform for marginalized voices to share their unique perspectives. Founded in 2020 by Producer, Darsh Thakker, the company prioritizes elevation of South Asian and BIPOC creators, to improve representation on-screen and behind the scenes.

Darsh Thakker
President and Executive Producer

Darsh is a producer dedicated to the advancement of underrepresented creators, particularly South Asians. Originally from Orange County, he left California to study film producing at Columbia College Chicago, where he earned his BFA. Darsh has developed experience in physical production working on shows for HBO, Comedy Central, and Apple, and NBC. He has produced several short films since starting True Karma Pictures (formerly Captured by the Views) and serves as CEO for their parent company
Chaotic Neutral Studios.