Produced by Darsh Thakker

Directed by Jay Bell


Penelope Giese

Jon Hatje

Katarena Burke

Channing Wan

Domenic Campo

Nicholas Andros

During the summer before college, two best friends are stressed about the fate of their friendship as they search for a mysterious street artist tagging over artwork throughout their neighborhood.
At its core, this is a gritty story about the stability of friendship coming to light amid a local mystery.

The two friends grew up together and have never been apart for too long, and Violet is now preparing to move away for college and away from Finn for the first time. She used to love art and make street art during high school. Lately, she has lost her creative spark and wants to move away and not think about it anymore. Finn feels the opposite. He would do anything to help her realize that she shouldn’t let the past and her passion slip away. Finn’s enthusiasm about Violet’s artwork is all just a way for him to avoid talking about his insecurities regarding their friendship.