Produced by

Darsh Thakker

Written by

Joshua Boshell

Directed by

Joshua Boshell


6 Minutes


Ava Corder
Taia Koker
Ana Ortiz-Monasterio Draa

Coming Soon

In an apartment kitchen on a sweltering summer afternoon, tight-knit teenage siblings Jack and Winter discuss the arrival of an envelope of money from their out-of-town parents. After Grandma stumbles in, drops a dish in the sink, and wanders out of earshot, Winter reveals that Grandma has been acting strange and mean towards her while Jack is out of the house.

When Grandma comes back, she targets Jack and reveals that she chose to go off of her meds. As the idea of Grandma’s alcoholism returning settles in, the siblings discover more empty wine bottles in the trash. They hide the envelope and scramble to figure out how to deal with a potentially unhinged Grandma.

Grandma comes out of the bathroom in an episode, leaving two crumpled dollars on the table “just so [they] don’t forget about her.” As Jack and Winter reel from the last few minutes of chaos, they question why Grandma’s changed so suddenly, and wonder where the grandma that they loved has gone.