True Karma Pictures

Ultra Low Budget (ULB) Feature Screenplay Competition

CALLING ALL SCREENWRITERS: True Karma Pictures is seeking Ultra Low Budget feature screenplays to OPTION for pitching and development. Genres of particular interest include Dark Comedy, Psychological Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi, though we will also accept other genres.

Our team will do our best to provide personalized feedback, however we cannot guarantee feedback for all submissions.

True Karma Pictures is an indie production company that empowers diverse artists to experiment. Representation and inclusivity are crucial for the evolution of storytelling, and we aim to provide a platform for marginalized voices to share their unique perspectives. The company prioritizes elevation of South Asian and BIPOC creators, to improve representation on-screen and behind the scenes.

True Karma Pictures is led by producers Darsh Thakker & Avi Zephyra.


If your script is OPTIONED, the True Karma Pictures team will develop and pitch your screenplay to Executives, and seek financing to purchase and produce your screenplay.

Rules & Terms
You must warrant and represent that you own and all legal rights to submit your screenplay. Option payment will be in the range of $50-100 for a 3 month EXCLUSIVE OPTION PERIOD. Screenplay must be at least 80 pages and no longer than 120 pages. Screenplay must be in the Ultra Low Budget scope. By submitting to this competition you agree to meet online or in person (LA) with producers Darsh Thakker & Avi Zephyra.